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Like mother, like daughter.

Washed and dried the dogs’ blanket, but folded it up to keep it out of the way until I could get it fixed (somebody decided to eat it). Badger found it and decided to sit on it anyway - it is his blanket after all!

"Human, must you really do that?"

Anonymous: How is the personality of a bull terrier ? I have always thought they are gorgeous dogs and would love to get one in the future.

Brilliant! It’s always great to hear from people who love these incredible dogs. In all honesty - well, bull terriers have a very unique personality. They’re stubborn, cheeky, and always finding fun in the world around them - even when you’d really rather they wouldn’t! Although I was born into the breed, I have had other breeds of dog - and none of them have been quite like bull terriers. My fiancé never used to like BTs, but after meeting them.. well, he adores them! They’re a breed that will worm their way into your hearts whether you want them to or not. :)

Again, I’d advise trying to meet a bullie first hand to get a proper feel of what they’re like. :) Also, check out Badger and Daisy’s youtube channel - I think that accurately shows what absolute nutters they are!

Anonymous: I absolutely LOVE Bull Terriers! I don't know if I'd have what it takes to own one later, though. Any suggestions?

It really depends on your own personality and circumstances - bullies are definitely not the easiest dogs, and I’m saying that as someone who adores the breed! For example: take Badger - now an angel of a dog - between the ages of 7 and 18 months was an absolute nightmare. He nipped, ignored commands, was incredibly possessive over ‘his’ things, and tried to constantly assert his dominance over anyone / anything that came to our home. This is the teenage bull terrier stage, folks - they will have you tearing your hair out! Past two years old, though, and with persistent and consistent training (which is a challenge unto itself, as they are incredibly stubborn), he calmed right down. If you can cope with them at their worst and work through it, you will have a loyal, fun-loving, clown of a dog that will happily share every aspect of their unique character with you.

I’d also advise giving this a read, and, as always, the best way to figure out if they’re for you is to meet one in person! Depending on where you live, various dog shows will have a sort of meet and greet with different breeds - and there are always fundraisers for breed rescues wherein you can meet the dogs. Here in the UK we have regular bullie walks all over the country (as you can see in my previous pictures) and we’re always happy to meet and chat to potential new owners!

Well, someone enjoyed her dinner!

Badger is a thumb-sucker.


Badger ignoring his toy in favour of posing for a picture.